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Defend Your Garage Floor From Damage

Defend Your Garage Floor From Damage


Garage floors are a significant part of the overall atmosphere of the home, and can be greatly ruined by having an oil spill staining it. There many ways that a garage floor can be ruined. If you wish to keep your garage looking nice, this can be rather frustrating. Here are some tried and true methods for keeping your garage floor looking brand new.


If you want a commercial floor that is looking fresh, then you should consider a new paint job. The three choices you have are latex, polyurethane, and epoxy paint types. If you choose epoxy, then you have chosen the most popular paint to use.  To combat chemical spills, than you should get polyurethane. It will also let your floor look reflective and nice. However, a primer coat is necessary for the paint to stick to the concrete. The last option is latex paint. When trying to save money, you should choose the more affordable latex paint. Just note that latex does not perform well with a lot of heat.  The other con to using latex paint is that it will take nearly three days to dry. While it is wet, make sure to not walk on it. When using latex paint, you will discover that you have more flexibility with your creative ideas. Using latex paint can give your garage a unique appeal.  Choose the paint that you think will best suit your garage.


It is also a possibility to spruce up your garage with a floor mat. Floor mats can cover anything up immediately and painlessly. Unlike paints, if you end up not liking your floor mat, you can always take it off and move it. With pain, there is nothing you can do once you have applied it to the floor. Instead of a mat, you can put down garage tiles. Tiles are an excellent way to protect the concrete from oil and chemical spills. You can also easily place tiles wherever you want. Coming equipped with adhesives on the back, garage flooring tiles can be placed in any location of your garage. Tiles can save you money through allowing you to lay them down without the need for professional help.


Make sure that you perform plenty of research in order for you to decide which option is the best for you. The internet is your best option for find thing the information you need. Ensure you leave no stone unturned when looking through the information on the internet. With all the knowledge you will acquire, you will feel confident in creating a new look for your garage that will leave you happy and satisfied.